We all Have Cancer...Colby's Story

“Colby has a mass.” 


Under the immeasurable weight of those four words, the proverbial walls came crashing down around me.  Even though he had been complaining of a headache for about a week and vomiting for the past twenty-four hours, I assumed the CT-scan “just to be sure that nothing else going on” would be normal so we could be on our merry way with migraine medicine prescribed.   The emotions, thoughts and feelings that were running through my body at that moment cannot be adequately described as nothing can properly prepare one to hear those words.  My heart was racing as it plummeted into my stomach which was doing its own little flops while my brain was trying to register what Colby’s pediatrician was telling me.  As hot tears instantly welled up in my eyes and spilled down my cheeks, her last words to me were that Colby needed to go to the hospital right away.  Five days later, after surgery to remove the mass, the neurosurgeon looked apologetically into our eyes and confirmed it was, in fact, the worst-case scenario.  So began our journey through the valley of pediatric cancer and God showing us that the valley can be just as beautiful as the mountaintop. 

Video by Joshua Vasko