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so, here is the deal...

I know you may want them... those images with everyone in your tribe spit shined, smiling and looking into the camera. I understand because there was a time when I wanted them also. But then, my son became ill. And we were in the valley of cancer. And he was healed in Heaven. And all I wanted to remember was the way his head fell back when he laughed, the ordinariness our family as eight rather than seven, and how very special and fleeting each season is that we travel now.  

If you are looking for those perfect images for the Christmas card, I applaud you. Have them taken, print them out and show them off. But if you are looking for someone to capture you and those who have your heart in all of your glorious mess and details only known to you, let's talk. I promise to show how very beautiful the mundane can be... I promise, you will also get a Christmas card worthy image out of it.