always learning







"i am always doing that which i cannot do,

in order that i may learn how to do it."

pablo picasso




I started in photography because I wanted to take better pictures for my scrapbook pages.

Soon the scrapping took a backseat (ok, it was really relegated to the trunk...) to the photography.

Mr. White says that when I commit to something, I become "an expert."

And it's true.

If it is something that interests me, I kind of have a knack for becoming obsessed by it....


Books on the subject and tons of curriculum on the shelves.

Natural hair?

Cabinets full of coconut oil, shea butter and a folder on my computer with too natural hair tutorials.

Eating whole/clean?

Well, let's just say that ghee is delivered by the boxful to our house now...


So now, I've become quite obsessed with learning how to master off camera lighting with film.

Like really obsessed.

Like which kid can I coerce with gum because the gummy bears are not working to let me take pictures obsessed.

Like I am shooting black and white so I can develop at home and not wait the ten days for my lab obsessed.

And usually this kid rocks it for me...well, for the gum, I mean.

I've come to the conclusion that sometimes obsessions can be a good thing.