we watched families go into the post-op consultation room and come out.

either crying or relieved.

as the hours grew longer, the unsettled feeling in my soul grew stronger and silence ensued.

finally, he was finished and she shuttled us to the room.

his surgeon walked in and his demeanor gave it away.

the tumor was cancer.

blindsided, our optimism sailed out of us and the tears started flowing.

as we continue to wait for the final pathology report, there is still a chance that the preliminary report was wrong.

but if it is correct and this is the cup that the Lord is allowing us to drink from, then we will with gratefulness in knowing in our weakness He is strong.

we have seen Him working, we will look for His Light in this darkness.



colby is home now and almost back to his funny self.

even though he is the one wearing the shirt, we have six new superheroes around here as all of kids have rallied around their brother.

his surgeon was able to remove all of the tumor that was visible but colby will have to undergo radiation followed by chemotherapy.

it's true...

cancer sucks.

however, we are bruised but not broken.

we have felt loved and supported and cared for beyond what we deserve or could have imagined.

it has been an incredibly long two weeks.

it will be an incredibly long path in the months ahead.

as i was mindlessly scrolling through my IG feed this week, i stopped when i saw this...

the key to fear: love God's glory more.